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$ 550

**EARTH is now only available in Europe. It is sold out everywhere else.

EARTH is for all types of communities out there, whatever the type and characteristics. Popularly seen in creative workplace, resorts, restaurants, libraries, and trade shows.

EARTH is made with U.S. patented honeycomb structure in warm Kraft. Water-resistant and sturdy, the sofa seats comfortably with cushions that are made of 100% recycled fiber from plastics. The cushion is of 37cm diameter with 2cm thickness.

STRETCH does not just seat your community and events. We also stand with the environment as we strive to be green from the products to our manufacturing, all facets of our operation. We celebrate mobility, flexibility, expandability of furniture and public spaces, but also your life. We celebrate events of your community. We celebrate the changing event that is your life.


$ 550
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Paper honeycomb: 100% recyclable kraft
Sideboard: 100% recycled wood fiberboard
Cushion: 100% recycled fiber from plastics

Seat height : 15"/ 46 cm
Back height : 25" / 78 cm
Min Length : 8" / 20 cm
Max Length : 20'/ 450 cm

Package Dimensions

Length : 85 cm
Width : 67 cm
Height : 26 cm

Product weight

37 lb
17 kg

Weight Capacity

Up to 5 kids
Supports 2112 lb / 960 kg

How-to care


Gently vacuum the seating and wipe the woodboards with dry cloth.
Keep the chair away from water source, air-dry with water spills.


Compress and narrow the chair to size easy for storage.


Have one person hold each end, with one of them pulling the chair to near maximum length for a few minutes.

Repeat the process a few times so the chair loses some tension for easy shaping.