STRETCH is the only supplier of the iconic, sturdy cardboard sofa. Lava and Marble sofa/benches on sale in EU limited time only
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  • Tips on stretching / shaping the chair?

    Stretch the seating to its max. length for at least 5 mins. Repeat this step few times more for easy shaping.


  • How to care for the chairs?

    It is important to compress them regularly and when not in use. For cleaning, gently vacuum the seating and wipe the fiberboards with dry cloth. Keep the chair away from water source, air-dry in the case of water spills. Humidity is not a problem and helps soften the seating.


  • Do you ship worldwide, and how much on shipping?

    We ship to North America, Europe and almost everywhere else. You will see shipping fee based on your ip location on the top of homepage, every product page and of course, the checkout page. If you don’t see shipping fee appear on above pages and would like to order, please get in touch with us. We usually ship in 5 business days.

  • How are the chairs packaged for delivery? What carton size should I expect to receive?

    The chairs are carefully packaged in cartons designed to protect in delivery.
    Our 3 models come in same carton size :85 x 67 x 26 cm


  • What is your return policy?

    We will only accept returns that have not been stretched, used, sat on, and are in perfect resalable condition, within the first month of purchase. Customers however are responsible to find a carrier themselves, and bear the return postage back to our warehouse. Please write us first at if you wish to return a purchase.


  • Are the chairs good for outdoor use?

    They can definitely be used outdoor. But please bear in mind not to leave them in the rain or on wet floor.

  • With use, Do the dents affect the support of seating?

    No. Our seating maintains its strong support throughout this process. With use, the edges of the paper gently soften and crush, creating beautiful, irregular facets. This unique organic pattern is also part of our essential design, and provides more tender touch on the seating surface.


  • How durable is the seating with its paper honeycomb structure?

    Besides the incredible flexibility, paper honeycomb structure is also known for its strength as a building material. Our paper honeycomb chairs are designed with long-term use in mind, but proper care and usage are required, including compressing the chairs (it’s fun, trust us) regularly and when not in use.

  • Where are the chairs manufactured?

    The chairs are manufactured in Taipei, where FlexibleLove is based.

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